Royal Music Production Deal 3.0 | (USA Version)

Royal Music Production Deal 3.0

Your HIT SONG 2020

Did you fed up always hoping for the big record companies?

Are you a musician, a singer, artist or hip-hop artist? Have you ever tried many things but your music career is not going?

Every artist or singer knows that kind of letter:

  •  “Your music does not fit the time in our repertoire! We wish you good luck and love to hear from you again!”
  • Bla Bla Bla – latest after 10 or 50 cancellations of a record company, label or record label, you don’t like these letters anymore: Also to me it was so with these letters.

I was hoping only for a big record deal with the major record labels and always thought why the big record companies give me no contract. What am I doing wrong??

The change in my business came only when I realized that I even have to be active even have to create my own brand with my music.

Because the major record companies usually take only bands and musicians who already have a certain fanbase and are already established as a brand. Build an artist costs millions of dollars and that’s why it’s so hard to get a record deal.

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