Creationeffects – Infinite Horizon For After Effects

Creationeffects – Infinite Horizon For After Effects

Creation Effects – Infinite Horizon For After Effects – After Effect Project

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Infinite Horizon enables users to create mind-blowing, perspective-bending scenes from their footage or photos in Adobe After Effects. Simply drop in your landscape or waterscape footage, mark where the horizon is, and then open one of the 14 presets to see your footage manipulated, bent, or curved in different ways.

Everything is customizable, allowing you to create a variety of surreal, other-worldly perspectives. Customize the bend, shadows, highlights, and background with easy-to-use controls. The 3D comps convert your bent landscapes into 3D scenes, allowing you to animate a camera through and around your landscape in three dimensions.


  • Compatible with Both HD and 4K Footage
  • Works with Photos – Add movement to your landscape using the customization controls. Animate the camera in three dimensions to create a 3D animation with a parallax effect – all from a single still photo.
  • 14 Presets – Each preset bends or curves your footage in a different way. You can customize the bend, add new bends, or combine multiple presets to create a variety of unique perspectives.
  • Easy Customization – Customize the scenes with easy-to-use slider controls. Detailed instructions are found throughout the template.
  • 3D Options – Each preset offers some kind of 3D capability. Most presets use a technique called “Projection Mapping”, allowing you to animate your camera in three dimensions around your scene. Since it uses 3D layers, you can adjust the depth of field blurring for a greater sense of 3D depth.
  • Shadows, Highlights, and Background – These optional elements can add realism and depth to your scene.
  • Layer Bender – The Layer Bender allows you to bend or curve 2D layers in three dimensions. This is not normally possible in After Effects. Add custom curves to footage, photos, precomps, and solid layers. This tool could be useful to motion designers for many projects to come.
  • Kaleidoscope – Create complex symmetrical patterns from your footage. The patterns use depth of field and warping to simulate a 3D look when the camera is animated.

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