Autumn Enhancement Script for Photoshop (JSX)

Autumn Enhancement Script for Photoshop
Photoshop JSX | Win-Mac | 5 MB

This Script works on color images. It changes the feeling of the image by transforming colors into the tones of Fall, Harvest, Autumn, Halloween, whatever you call the season. Happy welcome to Autumn. It would be great for invitations, party cards seasonal themed sales graphics too.
-Photoshop scripts are as simple to use as actions. With your image open, Select File Srcipts Browse and done!

NOTE: The script has no effect on Black & white or Desaturated images – the more color the better the effect.

Hint: To increase the strength of the effect, increase the saturation of the image first.

Hint: To make a subtle effect, decrease the saturation of the image. Leave some color in the image or the effect will not show.

-Our scripts work on Photoshop CS through CS6, on Mac and Windows.
-Our Scripts use the core technology of Photoshop’s layers, modes and filters.


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