Comic Style Pop Art Girls – 514316

Comic Style Pop Art Girls - 514316

Comic Style Pop Art Girls – 514316

PNG JPG | 3600×5400 | 114 Mb

Welcome to my collection of comic-style pop art girls with a variety of fun elements that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect
expressions for some eye-popping designs!This collection of clip art illustrations was made in Photoshop and is available in high resolution PNG
format with transparent backgrounds. All images are saved at 300dpi and range in size from: individual girl elements: 12″x18″ (3600px x 5400px) –
music note: 3.5″ x 4″ (996px x 1200px) Background halftone and collage patterns are in JPG format.What’s Included
·4 pop art girls
·5 pairs of glasses
·3 hand/arm elements
·5 popular decorative comic-style words + all of their surrounding elements (presented both together and individually)
·6 speech/thought bubbles
·18 misc. design elements including arrows, bubble gum, headphones and more
12 12″x12″ backgrounds, including halftone patterns and comic book collage pattern in various bright colors

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