Pixelate Photoshop Action 26304514

Pixelate Photoshop Action 26304514

Pixelate Photoshop Action 26304514
ATN | 15 Mb

Pixelate Photoshop Action
Turn your photo into the next level. Create a stunning pixelate effect in just 2 steps. Pixelate Action support’s in Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC + versions.
Things to know first:
Make sure you are using English version of Photoshop.
Use at least 2500-3500px image size for best result and to avoid errors.
Use RGB mode and 8bits color.
· Use at least 72dpi.
Load the action file ahead.
· Make sure that the option “Add“ copy ”to Copied Layers and Groups” is checked.
Must set the Brush mode to normal and the Opacity and Flow of Brush to 100%.
If you are experiencing some errors, try resetting your Photoshop preferences. To do that, just hold down the Alt + Ctrl + Shift keys (Mac: Command + Option + Shift) while starting up Photoshop. A dialog box will appear asking if you wish to delete the preferences / settings file. Click Yes!
Full instructions are in ReadMe.pdf file.
Files Included:
• 1 Pixelate Action.atn
• 1 ReadMe.pdf File

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