After Effects 2020 (Spanish with Eng Subs)

After Effects 2020 (Spanish with Eng Subs)

Domestika Introduction to After Effects Download – Course Download

Introduction to After Effects – Domestika – Tutorial Collection

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Learn After Effects without prior knowledge and master the best software for motion graphics and post-production on the market

All units, lessons, and practices in this Domestika Basics were updated in April 2020, to improve the experience of students in their first steps with After Effects.

From elaborate animation projects to fun GIFs for social media, the leading creative video editing software Adobe After Effects has no limits when it comes to animation design. This Domestika Basics includes 5 courses, to learn all there is to know about the software and get started on editing and designing animations like a professional.

Discover a thorough learning method that’s filled with resources, to become an expert motion graphics designer. Start by getting to know the interface and the workflow layout that’s specific to After Effects, to work efficiently as soon as you begin.

Learn how to use masks and layers, which are the fundamental elements to create 2D animations. Create different video effects, learn to use the text animator, and create animation expressions.

Lang: Spanish with Eng Subs

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