Joel Grimes – Mad Max – Start to Finish

Duration 1h 16m MP4


Title: Joel Grimes – Mad Max – Start to Finish

Use multiple lighting techniques with the right lenses to find the perfect image.

I had an idea to shoot one of my signature rough and grungy portraits on location with my good friend and model, Vincent. I was inspired by the look of the “Mad Max” films, so I took Vincent out into the Arizona desert to dress up as an apocalyptic survivor.

I did not enter this shoot with the thought of using one specific technique or equipment to achieve my vision. Instead, I did multiple lighting techniques as well as trying a couple lenses to find the perfect image.

I had a lot of fun with this shoot, and I hope you get to learn a little bit as you watch.

After a very sweaty shoot in the hot Arizona desert, we are one step closer to a beautiful final image. As you saw the previous video, I shot multiple frames using the shift on my tilt-shift lens …






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