Udemy – After Effect: Learn VFX Visual Effects for beginners

Duration 2h MP4

create exciting visual effects for your videos . Cloning, Rotoscoping, Morphing, Motion tracking, Disintegration & a lot
Are you one of those who want to impress your world by creating amazing and exciting videos with wonderful visual effects? Or are you going to start your career as a visual effects artiste… Or are you interested to learn more about after effect. If your answer is yes, Then you are at right place. I am here to help you.

Though this course doesn’t require any previous experience about after effect. But it is good if you have some basic knowledge of after effect interface. But if you don’t have, that’s okay, I have added a section for quick learning, so you are not going to be in trouble anymore. In that essential section, you will be familiar to all necessary things about after effect interface and workflow.

By learning all basic of visual effects, you will be able to move in your next level.

What you will learn?

· Essential quick training about after effect interface/workflow

· Cloning, rotoscoping, morphing, motion tracking, disintegration etc..

· More tutorial and projects every month

This course is divided in different section. And every month, new content (tutorial) will be added.

What you’ll learn
Use after effect in practical perspective
Create cool VFX visual effects for videos

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?
Basic knowledge of After Effect cc Interface
Adobe after effect cc (trial)

Who this course is for:
Beginners who want to create cool VFX visual effects in after effect for their videos
Beginners who want to learn after effect cc
Who want to start their career as a visual effects artist.


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