Magic Guide Travel Kit Part 2 – 3541698

Magic Guide Travel Kit Part 2 - 3541698

Magic Guide Travel Kit Part 2 – 3541698


Hand drawn set of the 200+ individual elements for Your Creative Universe. This Collection is made in high quality and is very easy to use. Perfectly suited for:
·for you history
·printing on clothing
·history for website
·and a lot a lot for your design
You will receive:
1 EPS10/Ai/SVG
200+ PNG files
·Boy 2000×2000
o11 Creator elements
·Girl / Aqua Girl 4000×4000
o11 Creator elements
·Grandmather 2000×2000
o12 Creator elements
·Grandfather 2000×2000
o12 Creator elements
·8 Transport
oTractor, Gandola, Rocket, Train, Balloon, Bike, Car, Airplane, Bus
·11 Building
oBarn, Shop, Theatre, Bridge, Church, Cathedral, House, Museum, Mill, Restaurants, Station
·Landscape and floral
o6 Tree, 5 flowers, 2 Mountains, Sun, Couds with snowflake
·22 Animals
oDog, Cat, Elephant, Cow, Predatory bird, Bee, Donkey, Deer, Squirrel, Fox, Giraffe, Hedgehog, 3 Kangaroo, 4 Monster, Butterfly
·37 Set of the Traveler
oKey, Fingerpost, Bulb, Tube, Violin, Torch, Suitcase, Ball, Bed, 3 Stereo, Spoon, Shop case, Skiing, Pods, Pillow, Plate, 2 Phone, Pen, Paper Airplane, Magnifier, Map, Knife, Hourglass, Hay, Hand, Fork, Dimond, Computer, Conffeti, 2 Cog, Camera, 2 book, Air Ballon, Backpack
·13 Food & Drink
oChees, Bottle of wine, Champagne, Coffee pot 2, Corn, Grass, Cup of Beer, Dish, Glass of wine, Lolipop, 2 Cake, Teapot
·14 Foxy
·12 Mermaids
·27 Flags
All files Hi-res in PNG format, RGB colors; transparent background; 300 dpi.

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