BARO 537231

Baro 537231
3 OTF | 181 KB | Demo

Baro is a powerful, fun and expressive font, great for loud, cheerful, super-fat headlines and packaging for odd novelty toys. With its bold and distinctive stylized geometric forms, it is ideal for logos, heavy machinery and wacky party invites. Baro had its beginning in a handful of rigidly geometric uppercase letters from an unidentified 1960’s or 70’s era press-down lettering font, which in turn was possibly a revival of a 20’s era Art Deco font. The exercise quickly expanded into a complete typeface with 300+ characters, including several catch words (word glyphs), stylistic alternates, discretionary ligatures, multilingual support and both lining and old style numerals. Baro maintains much of the characteristic geometric rigidity of the original handful of letters, but — With the addition of just a little bit of flare, a bit of cheerfulness breaks through, like a wink and a smile on the face of a fat and otherwise stern policeman.

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