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Detector P Wave Earthquake Get Early Warning of Impending Earthquake Quake Alarms Earthquake Detector For Home Office Read more

Your Earthquake Detector can be mounted in various locations depending on your personal needs.One good location is in or near a bedroom where it will wake you up and provide an instant alert to allow you to take shelter or tend to other family members.Your Earthquake Detector can be mounted behind curtains,beside a night stand or a hallway. It can also be mounted in general living areas such as living rooms and dens.

NOTE: When choosing a location, it is best if the Earthquake Detectoris located away from doors due to the vibrations caused when a door is being closed. Greater sensitivity can be achieved when the Earthquake Detectoris mounted on a firm wall or over a stud location on a load bearing wall. If there are small children in the household, it is recommended that the Earthquake Detector be mounted out of their reach.

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