How to set up a home OPENVPN on a TP-Link Modem Router

How to set up a home VPN on a TP-Link Modem Router

How to set up a home VPN on a TP-Link Modem Router

I’m hoping it’s going to be quick. I asked a little while back if you’d like to see how to set up a personal home VPN for you yourself or your family and friends. I mean, it’s pretty easy, but just to do that, it’s a few steps and I’m going to show you how to set it up on the actual router and we’re using a TP link router and basically.this process should be exactly the same for a lot of other routers or modems and then we’re gonna set it up on an iPhone so you can connect to your home network from your phone and so access things like your own In iPhone, issue to work out pretty well’s let’s get started with going TP link modem page that you have and usually it should be a link called 192.168 dot 1.1. So here we have. I’ve logged in already and obviously TP link should look the same on most modems unless it’s a very old modem and you go to advanced. You will see here on the menu VPN wide at the bottom all you have to do is tap into it and we’re going to do an open VPN and the reason we’re doing open VPN is because open VPN is actually free to download as an app for a lot of other devices. So we tap open VPN and then we get this page here really simple we tab.Label DPM we can leave this service port as 1195 and we use this service type as UDP and here’s the subnet mask so this is really interesting. There’s a couple of things we need to discuss about this. Your subnet mask is what the VPN connection or get as an IP address. So what that means is that when it logs into your network. You can clearly see who is on your local network and the 192.168 and who is on a separate VPN layer and you can protect yourself with a lot of security around what that VPN section of group of network devices can actually do, and if they can, you know tunnel in.So what that means is that we can then select what client access they get, and so in this case you can say hey, only home network comments. So when you connect via the VPN you only get access to your network devices. You don’t get to speak outside of the Internet. Now when you think of a VPN you think well.Hang on, I connect to VPN and I get to see all these other websites that have been geoblocked to me. So that’s when you have to select Internet at home. But again, I’m just letting you know this is not for like skipping through. I don’t know Geo blocks for Netflix or any kind of that because what you’re going to be technically doing is you might be.Yep, 100 kilometers from your home. You get to connect to the network here and use it as if you’re sitting at home to the Internet. So there is some applications such as security things that, let’s say you’re at the office and you need to access a web server. They’ll say that you have to use a VPN to be look like to look like your on site, and that way you can.Access that file server or that web server or whatever might be. This is pretty much the same thing, but at home and you turn need massive IT support staff to to make that happen. So we select this, I’m gonna select Internet and home network. I’m going to click save. I need two things we need. We need to generate a certificate and we need to generate and export the configuration file. So we’re going to click generate. It’s going to generate a certificate and this basically means it’s kind of like locking in and setting up these things as.The settings for your configuration file when you connect to your VPN, there’s two things you need to consider and that is your Internet or your connection needs to have a static IP or a custom DNS or Dynamic DNS, which basically means that no matter how often your IP changes from your. Provider your RSP. You will get to then still connect to your home without having to remember the new number. But some providers some RSPS provide you with a log in through the web that you can actually check what your IP is and you can use that to put into a configuration file, but what you can do instead on a TP link is actually create a custom. Dynamic DNS, so gorgeous navigating through that now click network dynamic DNS and you select TP link and then you can log in through your TP link cloud and

create that. So continue through to this. At the moment my IP is dynamic, which means it will change all the time. So if we could international and we click on Advanced Network and we go to dynamic DNS you can see here that under the Logan that I’ve created my DNS is this which I shouldn’t be showing, which I won’t be means if I type in that address, no matter how many times my IP address changes from RSP, it will always be that link. That means that it will have this locked in at its bound and I can unbind it required so therefore anytime I put in that link I will end up here. So once that’s done, we need to go back. Your VPN.And go back to open VPN and then we can tap export our configuration. So tap export and we create a client OPVN and I will show you that in the moment as you can see here client underscore 10 VPN. This is the configuration file that you will need to take to any of your devices to log in Solet’s do that. Navigate to your store wherever you are either an Android or Apple type in open VPN and it should be the first one on the list. After the adverts open VPN connect. Make sure to install it or open it when you see this page. Moving comfort build series book. But you will need to start installing your imported profile which we created from my TP link modem. So navigate to your folder where you have the file. There it is client one. Open VPN, tap the little error there, open it up, scroll across and select more particles in outlook. Then I will represent. Tap on it and it should ask you to add the actual profile into the app, click add. Allowed to add the VPN configuration to your phone. This means you can switch it on and off.Problems NFC technology don’t like here? There it is all done.Just remember tank on the German side.I’ve got not only it was noted.Further, the company values.Really not looking back and open Google Chrome and we’re going to navigate to Freenas, which is my network attached storage Nas 192.168 dot 1.120 and as you can see it is loading and on the top right hand side. 

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